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Alex Appella

writer · book artist


Alex Appella was born on a sheep farm in Eastern Oregon (USA) before plastic shopping bags but after 8 track tapes. She began to hand bind her writings and collages while living on a boat in Alaska before taking her creations to the streets and plazas of Latin America. What started as a temporary solution within a nomadic lifestyle has turned into a way of life.

Alex arrived in Argentina in 1994 to investigate her family's history, with the intention of only staying six months. All these years later, she's still in the sierras of Córdoba, writing and binding in her studio.


Alex's bilingual artist's books are a celebration of her love for story telling, travel, collage, movable parts and poetry. Her artist's books can be found in numerous special collections in libraries, museums and universities across the United States and beyond.

Since 2001 she and her husband have run

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