Alex Appella

writer · book artist

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Amerika Skitzofrenika

by Alex Appella



Are you in Argentina? Get your copy here.


Poetry, short stories. Available in English o en Castellano.

Although I was raised in Oregon, I have spent most of my adult life traveling and living in South America. I am asked nearly daily about what it was like to grow up in the US, and why I left. I don’t pretend this book to be a comparison between the two continents. I find that to be a moot point and a tiresome habit. More precisely, Amerika Skitzofrenika is a collection of anecdotes and stories I found myself repeating regularly when confronted with these questions. It was written in 2000, in the sierras of Córdoba, the year my husband Magú and I returned to Argentina after having been based in Alaska for four years.

About the Binding:
Cover design by Magú Appella.
14 pages. 5.8 x 8.3 inches. Paperback Japanese Stabbinding.
Editions begun in 2000.
Available in English o en Castellano.

Brown University
UC Santa Barbara, Davidson Library

On highways going through the forest, there are yellow diamond-shaped signs that have icons of jumping deer on them. (Beware of deer crossing the road.)
Or rocks tumbling off a cliff. (Beware of falling rocks.)
There are yellow signs warning of curvy roads, of ice, of ducks.
At the crosswalks near schools the yellow signs warn of a happy family crossing the street. (Beware of lawsuits.)
Driving south from San Diego towards the border at Tijuana, the freeway is six lanes across, a super-sonic construction that throbs with power and firmness. This is the USA. A good damn freeway. The yellow signs here have silhouettes of a terrorized mother dashing across with two young children.
The courtesy to warn you of desperate illegal immigrants.