Alex Appella

writer · book artist

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Honest Man's Cargo
by Alex Appella
A collage novel.


15 x 21 cms.

Japanese Stab Binding, inverted covers.

Unique copy.



An Honest Man's Cargo:

This book tells of our adventures with Carlos, a truck driver who picked up Magu and I while hitchhiking in Mexico in 1998.

We traveled with him for three days.
A journey through existence itself.

From the inside.

From the outside.

The culmination of the adventure is revealed through a collage that folds out much larger than the book's actual size.


I consider this to be my first artist's book. I wrote and bound it while living on a sail boat in Alaska. (Keeping all the components dry was a monumental challenge.) It is the book that initiated my preference for telling stories through the intertwining of text, collage and movable parts.