Alex Appella

writer · book artist

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Entonces el libro
by Alex Appella
(Available in English HERE.)

How long is 90 years?


From the silence, Entonces el libro opens, and explodes with what had been unspeakable for over 70 years.


“90 years is long enough to be a child in World War One, a man in World War Two…”

“90 years is long enough for secrets to last 70…”


My Hungarian grandparents emigrated to California in 1931. They passed away before I was born, but left a legacy of questions that began to surface in our home in the 1980s. By then, the only remaining family member who could answer those questions was János (pronounced Ya-noash), my grandfather’s youngest brother, who had emigrated from Transylvania to Argentina in 1949. The questions were innocent enough. My mother always believed she had only two uncles—János and Imre. But then a photo of four young men was found among my grandfather’s things. Three faces were familiar. Who was the fourth man?


In 1994 I traveled to Argentina to meet János, to ask the questions. The answers—the secrets—revealed our identity, and revealed the pain of lying, even to protect those you love. Entonces el libro not only encompasses a family’s history, it reveals the man who, at the age of 90, decided to tell it.


The reader is taken on a journey from Oregon to Argentina, to Transylvania, and beyond. Original letters, photographs and paintings entwine János’ testimony with my poetry to reveal a family’s identity whispered away two generations prior.

Since 2015, Entonces el libro is accompanied by The János Letter/Después la carta.


$19.50 BUY NOW

Are you in Argentina? Get your copy here.


About the book
Spanish only.
21 x 30 cms
72 full color pages
ISBN 978-987-33-2728-5
Translated by Gastón Sironi.
Off set printing, trade edition.
Published by Viento de Fondo. Córdoba, Argentina. December 2012.
The printing of this full color book was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign held via in November and December of 2012.



Since July 2013, the Traveling Libraries, the Entonces el libro Suitcases have been traveling free of charge to schools, libraries and museums throughout Argentina. LEARN MORE here, it's amazing.


PRENSA Feb 2018

La Nueva Mañana de Córdoba. Feb 2018

Transé Feb 2018

Dia a Dia + Via Córdoba. Feb 2018

La Jornada. Feb 2018

La Voz del Interior. Feb 2018

Día a Día + Via Córdoba. Nov 2017
El Bamba. Marzo 2015
La Mañana de Córdoba. 28 Febrero, 2014.
DEODORO gaceta de crítica y cultura, UNC. Abril 2013.
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Diario El Alfil. Cordoba, Argentina. 10 Abril, 2013.
Diario El Alfil. Cordoba, Argentina. 27 Noviembre, 2012.

Enero en la ciudad. 2 de febrero, 2014.
Ciudad Equis, La Voz del Interior. 28 de noviembre, 2013.
Feria del Libro Córdoba 2013. 9 Septiembre 2013.
El libro en cada uno por Mariano Medina. 11 de abril, 2013.

Presentación de Entonces el libro en DocumentA/Escénicas, 11 de abril, 2013
Trailer, Entonces el libro por Alex Appella
Presentación Entonces el libro, Q'Sulky Espacio Cultural. Icho Cruz, Córdoba, Enero 2013
Mini documental sobre Alex y Magú Appella, encuadernadores. San Antonio de Arredondo, Córdoba. Realizado por Del Monte Producciones
"Visita de Lujo de Alex Appella" en el Instituto Educacional José Hernandez, Agosto 2014.

Bien de Córdoba, Entrevista. Nov 2017.

Córdoba Directo, Entrevista. Nov 2017.
TEDxCordoba, charla de Alex Appella "Una semilla en contra la discriminación"